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Progress on drywall construction


Luxurious master bedroom view from further inside the apartment


Renovation progress after the demolition stage


Image of whole house with new siding installed


Newly Remodeled kitchen


Redone Bathroom Tile


Remodeled Bathroom


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Do you have a renovation project in mind?

We always do! Transforming spaces is our passion and we would love to help you make your home look just the way you dream it should!

New Back porch in the middle of construction, right before the flooring is installed on it.
Undertaking a renovation project alone is a challenge, and can quickly become very overwhelming.

Without professional assistance, the burden of making crucial decisions falls on you. Consider a flooring project, for instance. You need to decide on the right materials to purchase, figure out the removal and disposal of your old flooring, and ensure the proper installation of your new flooring.

Let us alleviate the stress from any project, regardless of its size. We'll handle all the decision-making, drawing upon our 10 years of renovation experience to deliver the best service for your project.

Why choose Coastline Renovations?

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Expert Craftsmanship

Everyone working at Coastline Renovations is a certified professional ensuring you get expert service no matter what we help you with.

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Locally Owned and Operated

We've been working out of the Bonney Lake area for years now, and we're proud to call it our home location!

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Free Estimates

Get in Contact with use for a no-charge consultation! That way you can get an accurate estimate for the work that you want done.


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